Day three in Madison

By Friday night at BoucherCon, Choices Must Be Made: Do I go for all the parties, all the time, and the hell with the morrow, or do I realize that if I don’t get to bed before midnight my Saturday attempts at coherence will be severely compromised? And since I have not only a panel but a bookstore event, I came in early, with the result that I may actually have a voice today. A helpful possession.

I did manage to sit in on half a panel yesterday, but the better part of the day was spent in the socializing that seems to be a major part of this convention. Conversations with close friends that begin far removed from the world of books invariably circle around to work, so that How do you deal with this? and Did you ever come across that problem? crop up before too long, and before you know it, lunch is a tax-deductible expense.

I only ventured into one mass party, the St Martin’s gig that took place, weirdly enough, in an Italian restaurant located in a church that hadn’t been changed a bit before the altar was moved out and the tables in. Since churches are designed for the priest’s voice to carry, you can imagine the cacophony of two hundred writers/agents/editors. We slipped out early, having been seen by the necessary people, and had a quiet dinner, with writer’s gossip and catching up on lives that had gone only touched-upon since last year’s BoucherCon in Chicago.

Links to pictures of Madison and Bcon can be found on, of course, Sarah Weinman’s site, although if there’s anything with me on it, I’m not aware of it yet. Anyone?

Busy day today, the last full one of the conference, hope to see some of you at Booked for Murder this noontime.

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