The world-wide convention

Yesterday all over the world, people went to a conference. I took place on two panels, one with Lee Child and our editor Kate Miciak (who were in New Jersey and Long Island, respectively,) the other with Nevada Barr (in New Orleans.)  Since then I’ve listened to various other panels, including a conversation between the Poisoned Pen bookstore’s Barbara Peters in Scottsdale and author Dana Stabenow in Alaska (who, as with pretty much everyone in this paragraph, is a friend of mine.)

I was extremely pleased not only with the technology (although the “chat” function wouldn’t appear on my screen during the Barr talk, I don’t know why) but with the content as well:  Lee’s remarks during our talk should be transcribed and emblazoned on all crime fiction web sites, particularly his assertion that crime fiction is the boat, and literary writers are but the barnacles on the boat’s sides, along for the ride.  Jack Reacher couldn’t have said it better.

And although I’ve known Lee for a while and have heard him speak any number of times, I still found it fascinating that two writers could have such wildly different approaches to the job.  Even more amazing is how one poor editor can handle the two of us–I who send her multiple drafts and beg for feedback, Lee who greets any editorial suggestions with “incandescent rage”–without going absolutely bonkers.

Listen to the archived talks here (scroll down to find the programs.)  And then thank Rob and Barbara of the Poisoned Pen for sweating it to conclusion.

And yes, they’re planning on another WebCon next year.


  1. Laraine on October 25, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Ya gotta love technology when it lets all of us get in on the party! Thanks, Laurie, for posting the link, and Poisoned Pen for setting it up in the first place.

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