Nine lads a-leaping?

Week nine of our Twenty Weeks of Buzz, with two items of interest: first, Saturday the newsletter goes out, we draw a name from those who open it for an ARC of The God of the Hive, and we post excerpt three of the book on the site—the first two excerpts can be seen here.

And, what about some fanfiction?  That’s right, it’s time for “Letters of Mary” to sponsor another round of fan fiction, and here’s what they say about it:

Have you ever had the itch to write your own Mary Russell story? Well, we have a contest for that – a fan fiction contest to be more precise.

To enter the contest and receive the guidelines for your story, please join the Mary Russell Fan Fiction Contest yahoo! group

A hint on the prompt – Estelle Adler must appear as a teenager.  If that alone doesn’t tempt you, the prizes might: The winner has the choice of a signed copy of “The God Of The Hive” or a copy of the gorgeous broadsheet of the original Russell story “Birth of a Green Man.”

The contest opens today and closes April 11th. Winners will be announced the week of April 29th.


Have to say, the idea of exploring what Sherlock Holmes’ granddaughter might be like as a 16 year-old makes me want to enter the contest myself!


  1. strawberry curls on February 22, 2010 at 9:35 am

    And we, your adoring readers, would pay good money to read your take on the teenage Estelle. I can see it now…Laurie R. King, BSI member, award winning and NY Times best selling author of the Kate Martinelli, Mary Russell and Estelle Adler mysteries. Sounds like it would make a great YA series…hint, hint. 🙂


  2. RussellHolmes on February 23, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    I don’t know about Estelle being a detective, but including Estelle as a teenager would be interesting…

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