BoucherCon is underway! We started with a meeting over coffee and fruit with a dozen or so Friends of Laurie, went on to a quick round of handshakes at the newbies’ breakfast (those new to BoucherCon’, not new to LRK) and then got waylaid by the popping up of friends–Val McDermid and Meg Gardiner and Hank Ryan and Rhys Bowen and and and…
And so it continues, until Sunday night.
Birth of a Green Man is still up and free, here, all the days of BoucherCon!

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  1. Merrily on October 17, 2010 at 11:04 am

    It was a great Bouchercon and Laurie did a fine job on the panels as usual. Loved the program where she was interviewed by Dana Stabenow, who in addition to being a fine mystery writer herself is clearly a big fan of the Russell books. A whole hour of talking about Russell and Holmes, absolute catnip for people like me!

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