BoucherCon listening

If you’d like to listen in on some of the BoucherCon panels, they’re over here.  I moderated #36, with a fabulous quintet of panelists (including Zoe Sharp in the role of an eye-patched and temporarily absent Sean Chercover) and was one of the Sherlockians on Les Klinger’s panel, #54.  You can also listen to Deb Crombie interviewing Elizabeth George (67) and the Higgins Clarks, mother and daughter (68)–in fact, take a look at the program and see what catches your eye, they’re all well worth a listen.

Not as good as being there, of course, but a lot quicker than waiting for next year in Albany.  For which, by the by, you can sign up, here.

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  1. Chris A. on October 21, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, Laurie – I just ordered a handful of CDs. Loved your the panel that you moderated…you are a model moderator.

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