(P)interesting Bones

The Bones of Paris finds one-time Bureau of Investigation agent Harris Stuyvesant plunging into the tempestuous 1929 Montparnasse community of American writers, artists, and hangers-on.  In the three years since hunting down an English terrorist in Touchstone, Stuyvesant has been doing a lot of private eye work.  So why hasn’t he learned that when he’s hired to do a simple job like finding an impulsive young Flapper in Paris, it’s not going to be in the least bit simple?

Paris in the Twenties is a visual feast, from the street scenes to the artists’ ateliers.  That’s why this summer we will be emphasizing the visual, starting today.  I’ve begun a pair of Pinterest pages where I can pour all the images I’ve been living with for the last year.  Some of them show Paris in the Twenties (like Josephine Baker, here in her banana costume), others are of artists and writers active in 1929, and still others are specific to The Bones of Paris and the lives of Harris Stuyvesant and his friends Bennett and Sarah Gray.

While I was at it, I decided to put together a similar page for Touchstone, from the 1926 General Strike to the bucolic countryside of Hurleigh House.

1926 Ford Model T Touring AMKAll this Pinterest stuff is going to tie in with the summer’s contest, which will open later in the summer.  But you don’t have to know the site to discover its appeal.  I haven’t found Pinterest as addictive as some have, but I have found it very simple to use, and for this purpose, namely gathering together images to explore a specific theme, it is marvelous.

As I say, there will be a contest with a way cool prize, but for now, all you have to do is enjoy.

For the Laurie R. King Pinterest board about The Bones of Paris, click here.  The board for Touchstone is here .  Let me know what you think.


Oh, and do you love the Bones of Paris cover so much you want to drink your coffee out of it, wear it on your chest, carry it over your shoulder?  Well, we thought you might.  So the Bones of Paris Cafepress store is open for your pleasure, here.

(As always, the store’s proceeds go to one or another of my favorite book-related charities.)



  1. Barb on June 10, 2013 at 8:52 am

    I love her sandals. They are timeless and could be featured in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar and would look appropriate for today. Good design, like good literature lasts. And now, on to Pinterest. Thank you.

  2. The Bold Flying Officer on June 10, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Aaah Gay Paree (when one could use the word without its 21st Century meaning). I look forward to dissecting the bones.

    Much of it still looks the same, except for the fashions, naturellement. I board Eurostar for my annual trip there on Thursday. However, my days will be mostly spent at Le Bourget for the air show and I’ll even get a little aviating into the bargain.

    That’s why they call me TBFO!

    (who also answers to Mike)

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