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Among the corners of the LRK web site, tucked in among the book excerpts and cover art, are some essays concerning the essence of what I do.  Why, for example, do I write crime fiction?

So why the mystery? Because it is a strong form that nonetheless allows me to do what I wish with it, possessing both rigid structure and immense freedom. On its bones I can hang a story about things that matter, about death and pain and the dark side of the human mind, about fear and triumph and joy and the price we pay for justice. A story about the full gamut of human response.

Laurie King on: “Why the Mystery?

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  1. Elyn Walker on October 5, 2014 at 9:44 am

    And I think “why you write” is the same reason so many of us are so fond of the mystery genre in all it’s various iterations. Although the expected structure is comparatively rigid – unlike reality, it is comforting to see/read “life events” contained within those “rules.”

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