The BUZZZZZ about Library Week!


Next week is National Library Week here in the USofA—with a theme of, “Unlimited possibilities @ your library®”—and this year, wishing to explore those possibilities, we’re doing something a little different. Yes, there will be giveaways, but—we’ll focus on middle schools.

Do you have a middle school student in your family? Do you teach middle school? Know a middle school library, teacher, student…? Nominate your favorite middle school here.

This is in preparation for:

A Very Exciting Project!

…that we’ll introduce next week.

In the meantime, go nominate your favorite (US) library, one that’s either located in a middle school, or that provides a lot of middle school programs, here.  And please please let everyone know about this.  They might win a carton of Beekeepers!

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