Russell’s War hits the deck running!

Mary Russell’s War & Other Stories of Suspense comes out Tuesday!51IdvKhUkhL._SX260_

Nineteen years in the making, this is a collection of nine previously published short stories and one ALL! NEW! Sherlock Holmes mystery! (called *ahem* “Stately Holmes.” You can blame Barbara Peters for the title.) Also, an “Appreciation” of Miss Russell by one Leslie S. Klinger, my co-editor in three anthologies, my better half in the Les & Laurie Show, and my favorite consulting Sherlockian.

The collection goes from Mary Russell’s teenage diaries to her wrangle with MI6 when, in her nineties, she decides to send her Memoirs to Laurie R. King. Yes, it includes the tale of The Wedding, and the one that introduces Russell’s beloved Uncle Jake—and, the above-mentioned all! New! Christmas investigation by Sherlock Holmes! and his very (very!) young assistant.

The stories are:

“Mary’s Christmas”

“Mary Russell’s War”

“Beekeeping for Beginners”

“Mrs Hudson’s Case”

“The Marriage of Mary Russell”

“Birth of a Green Man”

A Venomous Death”

My Story”

A Case in Correspondence”

“Stately Holmes”

The e-book is out Tuesday, with the paper version to follow before the end of the month—you can pre-order them (signed) from the Poisoned Pen or Bookshop Santa Cruz, or as unsigned paper or e-books from Amazon/Kindle or Barnes & Noble / Nook.

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