Takeback Tuesday: PBS

As public libraries are in a city’s streets or the Guardian or New York Times are in paper, so is your local PBS station in the air, broadcasting enlightenment, entertainment, and even wisdom. In that spirit, tonight I will be joining the fundraising night of my own local PBS station, KQED in San Francisco, to collect pledges.

If you are so inclined to join us, the station is here. Conversely, you could send some dollars to your own local station, and help to keep them on the air.

Thanks, and if you call in, let us know that you’re a Friend of Laurie.

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  1. susan on June 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    we do support our local station. however, take care with the term “enlightenment” it has taken on some unusual definitions….be aware, take care. who can forget the wonderful series that have come through them over the years: Mr. Rogers (speaking of wisdom), Sesame Street, and let’s not forget Sherlock Holmes….

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