The fun side of the job

Not a lot of people can count play as part of the job. I’m very lucky this way, since doing fun things goes under the header of “building community” and that’s what authors do, right?

So when I buy some sparkly flapper dresses and drag the family into climbing into them for photos, that’s the job, right?

And when I spend a day making Italian cookies and trying out different drinks and meatball recipes and taking snaps of them all, that’s a writer hard at work, isn’t it?

And when I have seventy-seven different shots of the same cookies and I spend an hour trying to choose which one is best, that’s hard labor, surely?





After all, book trailers and illustrated book club kits are what you guys want as a side with your Island main dish, aren’t they?

So what do you think: which is the best shot of those zaletti for the book club kit? Or should we just eat them and be done with it?


(If you’d like to receive the book club kit when it’s ready, the week of publication, the Random House page is here. You’ll need a transaction number from your receipt for it, although the kit will go public, too, after a bit.)

Where to pre-order your copy of Island of the Mad?
US edition—signed, from Poisoned Pen Books; signed, from Bookshop Santa Cruz; signed (as tip-in pages) from Barnes & Noble.
From your local Indie; from Amazon/Kindle; from Barnes & Noble/Nook.
UK edition—from Allison & Busby; from my friends at Heffer’s.
Or the audio download here.


  1. Dusty J Miller on May 25, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    I’m so enjoy these glimpses of the fun you’re having., just as I love the ways Mary Russell and Holmes create fun – elegant, silly, wonderfully distracting – even in the midst of the most hair-raising, gasp-inducing adventures.

  2. Judy Westmoreland on May 31, 2018 at 11:07 am

    I just had my son pre-order Island of The Mad from Amazon. He gets 2 day free shipping. I want to be able to order the Book club kit. When I checked I will have to put the order number from the receipt
    to get it. The name on the receipt will be different.
    Do I have to subscribe him to your blog in order to get the kit? Wondering.

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