BoucherCon, LRK-style

The panel schedule is out for Bouchercon (here) so I thought I’d let you know where I’ll be. You can find me wandering the hallways, always willing to chat with fans-and-friends

and I’ll be dropping in at the Mystery Writers of America table, but more formally, I’ll be at—

Thursday morning, in the book room

Mary Russell hosts the Bouchercon Hospitality Suite! Celebrating 25 years of Russell & Holmes: let your favorite detectives buy you a cup of coffee-or tea. (And LRK will be there when she can…)

Thursday 9:30, in the Landmark Ballroom: Unlocking the Mystery of Audiobooks

Laura Gachko, Ron Formica, Felix Francis, Charlaine Harris, Laurie R. King, Therese Plummer

Thursday 11:00, in Reunion C: London as a Historical Setting  

Oline Cogdill, Laurie R. King, Mary Lawrence, D.M. Quincy, Charles Todd (Charles & Caroline)

Friday, 11:00, in the Landmark Ballroom: Radio play presentation

MWA NorCal reading the 1946 Anthony Boucher radio play, “The Ghost Town Mortuary” with Dale Berry, Randal Brandt, David Corbett, James L’Etoile, Reese Hirsch, Laurie R. King, Gigi Pandian, Terry Shames, and Kelli Stanley.

Saturday 9:30, in Pegasus: Love and Murder: Writing Romantic Suspense

L.A.Chandlar, Sandra Brown, Elizabeth Heiter, Laurie R. King, Julie Anne Lindsay, Carsen Taite.

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