Name a Character!

Sheltering in place is hard. Doing so when you can barely afford that shelter in the first place can be impossible. Second Harvest is stepping up with drive-by food giveaways serving hundreds of families at a time—families whose breadwinners pick our fruit, clean our rooms, pack our home deliveries, care for our sick. This fund-raiser is for them..

Second Harvest drive-by food giveaway, from Business Journal

I haven’t donated a character name for many years and a number of books. The Language of Bees, maybe? The sculptress Alice Wright—our own Strawberry Curls—was high bidder on that one. (Watch for a second mention of her in this year’s Riviera Gold.) So here’s your chance to

play a part in the next Russell & Holmes story!

…scheduled for the summer of 2021. Will you (or someone you choose) be an inconvenient corpse? An irritating servant? The family dog? Or a central character? Who knows—but I’ll consult with you along the way.

This book will take place immediately after Riviera Gold, in the summer of 1925, and is set in…. Transylvania.

And let the bidding begin, here.

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