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The auction to name a character in the next Russell & Holmes story closes Wednesday.  I would so love to give Second Harvest a nice big sum for their drive-by groceries program, which feeds workers left hungry by the quarantine.
And frankly, going strictly by past auctions at BoucherCon and the like (rather than my own opinion, which is more along the lines of “Um, you’d pay WHAT for that?“) $1500 is something of a bargain.
However, I’m going to ask you anyway, to help me nudge it up a little. If you can’t bid, send it to someone who might be able to. If you don’t know anyone specifically, maybe post it in hopes of catching the eye of a reader who can?
In any event, I thank you, I hope you, your family, and your friends are all safe and well-fed.  
Until midnight Wednesday, you can bid here. 
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