Carroll, Lear, King—Kids Reading!

My beloved local Bookshop Santa Cruz has a program to keep kids reading during the pandemic: giving away books to kids K-12 at the school lunch program drive-by pickups. Help a great bookshop, help kids—and help their parents, to keep kids reading.

So I’m running a fundraiser for them.

By way of reward, I’ll keep track of how much people have given and post some fun videos when the total reaches certain levels:

$100—Laurie reads Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwocky” (but hey—it’s already up, here!)

$250—Laurie reads Edward Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussycat” (with illustrations)

$500—Laurie reads “Mrs Hudson’s Case” (with illustrations)

$1000—Laurie reads two chapters of Riviera Gold

…and if we go over, I’m sure I’ll find some other goodies.

The GoFundMe page is here.

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