Left Coast Laurie

Saturday (Feb 27) is a day-long celebration of great mysteries from Left Coast Crime. LCC is one of my favorite conferences, intimate and exciting, and I HATE that I can’t meet up in the bar.  Left Coast was my last outing before the world shut down last year…sigh.

Here’s your chance to spend the day with 20 top authors in a free (!) webinar.  We’ll start with introductions at 8:30, then a panel of Best Debut Novel nominees at 8:45, Best Novel nominees at 10:00, Best Historical (including yours truly!) at 11:15, and Best Humorous at 12:30—all times PST, so add 3 hours East Coast, etc.

In case you’re wondering–yes, I’m friends with most of the writers I’m up against, and honestly, I’ll be happy no matter who wins. And if you like historical fiction, you can’t miss with any of them.

See the complete panel info and LCC info here, and register here. (And consider joining us in Albuquerque next year—that registration is there too.)

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