Bees Abroad

I had a perfectly charming Zoom meet on Friday with members of Bees Abroad, an organization in the UK that trains & supports African women & those with disabilities to become Beekeepers for Life.

But these lovely people not only teach beekeeping skills, they also help people figure out how to sell honey and beeswax products, and along the way support local woodworkers (who build the hives) and tailors (who make the beekeepers’ outfits) and boost the entire community of artisans and entrepreneurs and families.

Improving livelihoods across Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana, and Rwanda, through the medium of the humble honeybee.

Our chat, which brings together books and bees, is half me and half poet/novelist Siya Turabi, and available on their YouTube channel.

The event was a part of their December fundraising efforts—and since

your donation WILL BE DOUBLED until midday, Tuesday,

I’d greatly appreciate anything you can send their way: HERE(And maybe also help spread the word…)

Thank you, from the world’s bee friends!

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