A T-Shirt Promo

Once upon a time, children, publishers used to promote mid-list authors and build the careers of newbies.

That’s right, my publisher took out a quarter-page congratulatory ad in the New York Times back when Grave Talent won Best First and Minette Walters won Best Edgar.

My original publisher decided to pass on the paperbacks of the first two books (a decision they regretted afterward) and sold the rights to Bantam. And Bantam thought, hey, let’s do a big promo for three of our new authors, with a commissioned illustration by Edward Gorey on the book displays, free samplers, bookmarks—

and T-shirts!

That’s right, if you bought all three, they’d send you a t-shirt. Fabulous, no? And don’t you love that Gorey drawing? Shades of Masterpiece Mysteries!

Anyway, I’m mentioning that here because—


that I’m going to—


through the newsletter, which goes out on Wednesday. So watch for the Buzz dropping into your box (or sign up on the yellow button here ) and get a chance to win it. (I only have XL, so it might be your next nightie….)


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