Therapeutic Fiction

By Laurie King / April 9, 2005 /

My friend Ayelet Waldman recently started writing a bimonthly column for the e-magazine, opening with a chilling description of how her now-defunct blog (still up at Bad Mother) became a means of communicating suicidal thoughts. I have no wish to comment on that here, aside from noting that the very idea of being so…

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Sons to Moloch

By Laurie King / April 5, 2005 /

There are now so many segments on the evening news that I can’e2’80’99t bear to watch, I might as well just stay in the kitchen and see to whatever is on the stove. The magazines and newspapers are no better: I close Time with half the articles unread, I turn briskly past the Smithsonian article…

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By Laurie King / April 3, 2005 /

Comments and questions that have accumulated on Post Its around the edge of my Mac until I can’e2’80’99t see the screen any more: Yes, the launch date of Locked Rooms has been shifted back a week, to the 22nd of June, not the 29th. Sorry, everyone who used ink to write it on their calendar,…

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Black Armbands

By Laurie King / April 1, 2005 /

I hope none of you mind awfully, but I have come to the realization that I need to do something different with my life, and ‘e2’80’9cIf ‘e2’80’98twere done, best ‘e2’80’98twere done quickly.’e2’80’9d Thus I have the duty to announce that following the publication of Locked Rooms in June, I shall be working on the last…

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The Home-maker’s Tale

By Laurie King / March 31, 2005 /

I’e2’80’99ve always been the repairman in the family. Which may introduce the topic of inclusive language, but suffice it to say, for some purposes (generally these include felicity of language) I don’e2’80’99t mind being referred to as ‘e2’80’9cman’e2’80’9d rather than ‘e2’80’9cperson.’e2’80’9d My husband grew up in India where there was an appropriate servant caste for…

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A Flood of Bureaucracy (part 2)

By Laurie King / March 26, 2005 /

It was a lovely morning, and the carnage of my patch of succulents was complete, with only one or two hen-and-chickens hunkering down beneath the reach of the iron tines of the rakes. I was sore wroth. One of the neighbors (not the ex-berry farmer) happened to be out in her vineyard that morning and…

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A Flood of Bureaucracy (1)

By Laurie King / March 24, 2005 /

The heart bleeds at times, considering the amount of effort taken up in the daily life of bureaucratic nonsense. Take my driveway, for example. I live at the end of a very long road on top of a tall hill. One of the neighbors rents out her property to one farmer or another, who usually…

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Paranoia stikes deep

By Laurie King / March 20, 2005 /

Okay, so can anybody tell me why Judith Miller of the New York Times and Matthew Cooper of Time magazine are being prosecuted for refusing to reveal their sources, over a piece of information that was only actually published in the column of a third person, Robert Novak, who is NOT being prosecuted? Other than…

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Uma in India

By Laurie King / March 17, 2005 /

You would think that, after being married to the man for more than half my life, I’e2’80’99d be used to my husband’e2’80’99s alien view of the world. But every so often, clear evidence that he dwells on another planet manages to take me aback. Take Uma Thurman. Actress, right? Sleek, sexy, big screen. A while…

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Old Folks

By Laurie King / March 15, 2005 /

Jane Fonda is going in for hip replacement surgery. Jane Fonda. Hip replacement. Okay, NOW I feel old.

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