An odd job

By Laurie King / March 13, 2005 /

This is a pretty strange job I have, when you come right down to it, considering that I’m a grown woman with grey hair and a mortgage. I swim in the morning, not so much because it’s good for me and makes my arthritis go away for a while, but because the undemanding action encourages…

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By Laurie King / March 10, 2005 /

There are some things too important to leave to the experts. Politics is one. God is another. Today we’e2’80’99re talking about politics, although since we’e2’80’99re also talking about ethics, some may glimpse God in the background. Politics is the science of government, but at root the word polis just means a gathering of people, that…

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By Laurie King / March 8, 2005 /

On this, International Women’s Day, let us pause for a moment of quiet celebration. Celebration that the women of the world are doing so very well. That the women of developed countries such as this, at any rate, earn as much as men for doing the same jobs. That half our elected officials. university professors,…

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Clarification, anyone?

By Laurie King / March 7, 2005 /

I love the idea of working on a book that’s just coming to life, yet due to be published in June. I remember reading in one of Vita Sackville-West’s diaries about how she finishes a book the first week of May one year, and in the middle of June–the same year, mind–she goes up to…

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By Laurie King / March 6, 2005 /

We writers live for the small rewards. It’s perfectly lovely, of course, to hit the New York Times list or win a prize or get a starred review from Publishers Weekly, but deep down, the thing that keeps a lot of us writing is internal. There’s a lovely old English word, “quick.” Nowadays we think…

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The news from Watson

By Laurie King / March 3, 2005 /

(And if anyone can tell me how to make an accent mark on this text, I’d be grateful–the above is supposed to have one over the o, so it’s en espanol. And that could use a tilde, as well. Alas, I really should return to the stylus and clay tablet. Anyway…)** I love local newspapers.…

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Brother skunk (II)

By Laurie King / February 27, 2005 /

…in which we continue our tale of the downstairs neighbors. After having skunks spray in the house last January, I am, as you might expect, highly sensitized to their presence: one whiff, and all my panic alarms clang and hammer. So a few weeks ago when my ears and nose told me the black-and-white charmers…

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Brother skunk (I)

By Laurie King / February 23, 2005 /

Mephitis mephitis is God’e2’80’99s creature, too:a story in two parts For the third time in four years, this winter the King residence has been host to skunks. You know the skunk, don’t you? Mostly from the small dark heap by the side of the road that makes your eyes water for a mile or so.…

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The joys of censorship

By Laurie King / February 19, 2005 /

I was on a panel for the California Association of Teachers and Educators this week, with Gillian Roberts, Cara Black, and Nadia Gordon (plus various pseudonymous identities–seven writers for the price of four!) and one of the things that came up was censorship. Namely, a poor beleaguered teacher (not here in California) who is being…

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A voice (in the wilderness?)

By Laurie King / February 15, 2005 /

First off, a comment to a comment. Andi my dear, I don’t believe I ever said that a book has to be either grim or heavy to be award-worthy. Indeed, if you look at the Best First list you’ll see that we as a committee didn’t, either. And I would not venture to say that…

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